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The reason I stopped creating new open source projects was because I couldn't afford to maintain them.

I was expected to not only share my work, but continue adding new features, docs, and providing support for free, forever. It just wasn't sustainable for me.

DHH continues to be a piece of shit in ways that makes me think he hates having a company.

There's A LOT of discussion about content moderation right now and very little of it touches on the fact that we've all lived on the big social sites for the last decade-plus thanks to the massively exploitated labor of mostly-invisible moderation workers. The social web at scale wouldn't have happened without these laborers, who in addition to shit wages, have been exposed to literally every imaginable horror.

If we're remaking this world, let's do better on that front.

Christmas is coming so with it I post my favorite meme for the occasion.

I hear DHH has shit his pants again.

I'm neither cool, influential or motivated enough to be able to make enough impact to get rid of him from Rails, but I've not been interested in working with it for a long time now. There's plenty more ways to build things which don't encourage dickheads like him; people with horrible DEI takes shouldn't be listened to at all, let alone their shit technical opinions too.

Are these the people we want leading the Rails community? Really?

When will enough be enough? When he goes full TERF as well?

No, we need to loudly reject his bigotry and hatred for what it is and tell him it is not welcome here.

I will never understand why people are so averse to diversity.

I like seeing trans people speaking to each other with idioms I don't get, cute girls speaking a language I can't recognize, or gay dudes priming and posing in random pics.

Seeing shit that is not for me makes me feel like I'm part of a much bigger world that still has space for me to learn and grow.

That's a big place of comfort for me. The bottomless nature of the human experience means we all have space to be fully who we are.

That's pretty cool.

Also: "don't you know, every mastodon instance admin can read all of your DMs!!! 🤯"

buddy, I have some bad news for you re: {twitter, insta, snap, fb, …} DMs

as FOSS software goes, mastodon is extraordinarily well-designed. Nay, it's damn good by any standard.

The challenges presented by the federated architecture are real, and not perfectly addressed by the existing UX. Meanwhile, I don't see anyone with any magic-bullet solutions on a platter.

Drive-by design snark is wildly out of bounds given that nothing here is commercial, or particularly well-funded.

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DHH recently founded the Rails Foundation to help fund Rails work and community growth. I liked the idea, but not DHH's leadership, as I mentioned here:

It turns out that that was more immediately relevant than I thought.
RT @keystonelemur
I get that folks are optimistic of the new #Rails foundation, but I can't help but see this as in conflict with the mission of #Rub

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one day you're young and hip and the next you have a favorite map projection

I got a new standing mat last week and it’s been great so far. I was struggling a bit with my feet hurting when standing (my old mat was quite thin) and this gives some variety too.

PSA: Do not use gmail for your DMs. The admins can read your email.

Just a small town girl
Livin' in a lonely world
She took the midnight train going anywhere

I've wanted people to start giving a shit about owning their space online, starting blogs, looking at alternative networks and's happening.

Even if Twitter survives, millions of people are on alert and having real conversations again.

Net win.

the fediverse originates as a guerrilla marketing campaign by the gTLD people to sell more gTLDs

Forever ago, I made a #macOS #ScreenSaver. It shows the current time as a color.

It needed an update for Apple Silicon so I dove in this weekend and updated it.

Introducing the first alpha release of Mastodon 3.11 for Workgroups!

Available for Windows 95 :BlobhajShock:

A quick blog post on moving to Mastodon, plus a little on how I’ve set mine up. (I’d love to hear about anything that isn’t working right and give me a shout if you’d like help running your own in a similar way):

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