the UK is a place where every so often you find out an unassuming house in a boring street of other houses that all look the same contains the absolute maddest shit you can imagine

Shit like Betty at number 49 living next door to a dingy basement sex dungeon with a Knightrider theme or Ken up the road with a room dedicated to 90s Sega smash hit Echo the Dolphin

The British can be faulted for a lot of stuff but we excel at this

"Babe i'm pregnant."
"I guess we will have to get a bigger place."
"What? Nah it's fine, we'll do up the spare room. The spare room I've not been in for 3 years."
"Yeah. We can't. Hey about that...."

After a year of projects with other frameworks, I'm coming to the conclusion that the rate of library (and methodology) churn in the React world has been gently pressing the accelerator pedal on my burnout for the last few years

teacher: what does “agnostic” mean?

me: I don’t know

teacher: correct! how about “ambivalent”?

me: *shrug*

teacher: yes! how about “nihilistic”?

me: what difference does any of this make?

teacher: amazing

Q: what’s the most cryptographically secure meal?
A: one-time pad thai

You can now add up to four social account links to your GitHub profile which render with a sprinkling of formatting support for our most popular platforms. Yes, the resulting links links will satisfy Mastodon verification requirements when rendered.

To get started, visit your profile and click the "Edit profile" button in the sidebar.

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It seems almost too absurd to be real, but I've been in many tens of meetings where some director/VP repeatedly insists on assigning work items and taking action immediately instead of spending a few days or weeks understanding the problem, which often ends up costing an entire team or large fraction of an org quarters to years doing something worthless or even negative value.

By revealed preference, leadership often prefers having a roadmap, deliverables, etc., to actually solving the problem.

Not all cats have the gift of levitation.
Those that do, however, do like to flaunt it.

Among the many problems with capitalism are a problem I don't know the name for, but would summarize as "If everybody in the world is happy and satisfied with their smartphone— IE, nobody bothers buying a new phone for three whole months— this is the worst possible outcome for the smartphone industry".

UK politics, whiny business wankers 

"Secretly" want all staff back in the office as if they haven't spent the last two years trying to fight the tide of progress to make middle managers feel useful.

I've been taking guff from JS thinkfluencers for most of a decade for pointing out that "CSS-in-JS" (as practiced in the React community hotbox of CPU throughput hallucinations) is, for lack of a better phrase, bullshit.

What you should learn from that same group eventually killing it softly isn't that they are good or right, it's that they don't know what they're talking about at *any* level of the system.

Today I learned from @0xabad1dea that a lot of large solar farm owners use sheep herds to maintain their grass and they're called solarpunk grazers and life seems a little better. 🤘

I feel like the term 'developer experience' has now means something like 'how can we get our compile times from 1s to 0.3 s', but I can't recall a time where it meant 'getting a corporate dev environment up and running shouldn't take weeks of back and forth and we can do better.'

@jenniferplusplus and this time next week we’re gonna be like “hey remember when we thought that pagerduty email was so bad?”

I thought Google was going to be the poster child for cruel and financially unjustifiable layoffs, but pager duty really was like hold my chardonnay

<on my deathbed, surrounded by friends and family>

"I wish... I had spent more time... trying to impress my boss."

non-tech person: I don't trust that tech.

tech user: it's fine, I don't even think about it

tech professional: I absolutely don't trust that tech.

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