*shuts down laptop*
I think that's enough internet for today

*picks up phone*
Let's see what the pocket sized internet is doing

Today I shall be very proudly wearing a shirt sewn by war lass @sortofgeordie
It's extra long, because I'm long in the torso. It's heavy white cotton drill, my favourite. It's probably 40 hours of work. I am very proud.

ah yes, "best practices," the software industry equivalent of those articles that tell you retirement planning is easy, just save 25% of your income and inherit your grandparents' house

Seasonal reminder to NOT donate to the Salvation Army, no matter how much you like the brass band. They have an organisational track record of being homophobic, transphobic and anti-sex worker, and this ideology pervades how they "help" people. Donate your money somewhere else, or better still, directly to homeless people.

why call it bird site when ‘the fowl place’ is right there and a much better pun


Company trainings that espouse the benefits of a diverse team in terms of being more effective can't escape the gravity of Capitalistic, white supremacist culture.

It's a bad line of persuasion. At a certain point, racism will always win out over the idea of making more money.

If you want more effective trainings, you need to go deeper.

Today, someone said, "Decentralized social media is a failure because technology like IRC lacks marketshare."

Sorry, stop the bus!

Why is marketshare the key metric here -- and not persistence and longevity?

I've been using IRC for nearly 30 years. It still works.

How long will WhatsApp work? I don't know -- only for as long as WhatsApp serves Meta's bottom line.

If we measure by persistence and longevity, IRC is a huge success!

All these website have got to stop switching to dark mode by default without providing an option to switch back to light mode.

Not all of us find reading in dark theme comfortable.

The more websites do this, the more I want browsers to to enable us to undo it.


The only reason Brave and any of its products exist is as a shady cash grab after CEO Brendan Eich got fired from an executive position at the Mozilla Corporation for repeated instances of sexual harassment and coming out as a massive homophobe who was donating large amounts of money to lobby for gay marriage to be illegalized

The privacy marketing is a scam

They operate and monetize in all the same ways as Google: They are spying on you

They do cryptocurrency BS on top of that

Don’t buy in

Many managers and engineers just cannot question or push back on requests to do stuff (which makes sense TBH). Most CEO/Product people suffer no consequence for having the team build ultimately un-impactful things. They think "can't hurt to just do it". It's the duty of the engineers to quantify the cost of doing things, especially non-impactful things and, yes, question if they should be done. #xp

as someone who studied this garbage i could go on and on about how the fathers of computer science were wrong about basically every philosophical idea imaginable and none of their predictions came true, or how "AI" as it's currently implemented is just either insanely massive statistical regressions or a glorified flowchart but mostly it's just really really really boring. it's the most boring shit in the universe to me to watch nerds get glassy eyes over statistics parlor tricks

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Risks to Mastodon with increasing popularity 

Interesting comment on Hackernews regarding a possible scenario/long term risk should Mastodon threaten the corporate sphere of social media.


Good morning! A post just rolled across my fedi-timeline saying not to post about politics on Mastodon, so I'm here to remind you that:

1 "politics" refers to decision-making about how to live together in groups
2 choosing to not participate in political discussion is saying you support the status quo, and is a political stance
3 abstaining from politics because you feel safe from its impacts is a privilege and a choice to abandon your more vulnerable neighbours

DHH, white supremacy, Ruby 

I have to say, having not participated in the ruby community much until recently (beyond simply, you know, using it on a daily basis) it's pretty reassuring to see how much backlash against DHH there's been.

And it's not great that he's been able to carry on for so long, either, but I'm looking on the bright side I suppose.

Instead, we might want a plurality of Ruby projects like @hanami that are thoughtfully maintained and patiently build up momentum to challenge Rails on the fundamentals, instead of going against the Goliath or risking undermining the good work done by its contributors.

I know it's deflating to see a community you love being repeatedly undermined by a man who mouths off about the wisdom he's acquired from books while demonstrating the emotional and social intelligence of an ego-bruised abuser.

So, don't tell anybody, but we're going to announce Palm Pilot emulation in the browser at Internet Archive in the next week or so. I've still got to get descriptions in for the hundreds of apps that are uploaded, and add a few more classics. But if you want to help with that, or just let me know how it's going, ping me here.

But don't tell anybody! It's a secret!


Catching up with the latest DHH drama and wondering why there are still people willing to work with the guy.

One of the things about Tumblr and potentially Flickr adopting ActivityPub is that it brings the feeling of mid-2000s internet back, when we had APIs and were encouraged to build cool new interconnections. Before the web was stolen from us by advertising companies.

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