hey folks? fix your fuckin' email parsers. the only way to validate an email address is to send email to it, and i promise that .codes is a real domain.

From a reply I posted on LinkedIn about generative A.I. in programming. "Coding is not the bottleneck".

i guess deno(js) is determined to re-invent the last 25 years of learning about package management from first principles: deno.com/blog/package-json-sup

I've received a tip that the New York Times included the following advice about deleting their tweets using Semiphemeral in an internal security guide 🤣​😆​

"Please note, while the Information Security team is recommending the use of Semiphemeral because our team trusts the integrity and security of this tool, the views expressed on the Semiphemeral website do not represent the views of The New York Times."

I assume, of course, it's because Semiphemeral is an explicitly antifascist service

pov: you are a USB-A connector 

🙂 🙃 🙂

I miss Ops work being generalized knowledge of UNIX and not specialized knowledge of some startup products that won't exist in 10 years.

I wish more people understood that "I want the computer to generate a natural language text that sounds like a plausible answer to a question about x" and "I want the computer to answer a question about x" are two very different problems.

"These are examples of progressive enhancement acting as a kind of technical credit—the opposite of the (much) more common technical debt."

"[M]ost engineers who’ve worked with both approaches estimate [that] it’s no more work to build a website to progressively enhance than it is to build it in the “standard” way. You have to approach the work differently — you may have to question some assumptions and try some new approaches— but it’s not harder, just different."


What they say: AI will be great for accessibility

What they mean: AI is a great sales pitch for markets where skilled humans are deemed too expensive and nobody cares how poorly automated services serve users as long as they’re cheap, like accessibility

all of these human cognition terms thrown around in marketing but when your LLM is wrong or it hurts someone I bet it's going to be back to "just software" real quick, a work in progress, we're learning a lot.

I miss the days when new tech was like, “Oh, hey, the ‘Host’ header in HTTP 1.1 means we can run more than one site per IP!” and not, “Oh, hey, this LLM is going to literally destroy lives while wildly enriching the worst people in the world.”

I love the page about accessibility on the new react.dev site.

Here's the URL:

this LLM shit is worse than the cryptocurrency nonsense because a lot of otherwise reasonable techies who saw right through the technolibertarian shit of blockchain stuff are falling head over heels for fancy expensive markov chains.

"OMG VR will totally revolutionize how we work and play."

"OMG speech-based virtual assistants will totally revolutionize how we use phones and computers."

"OMG self-driving cars will totally revolutionize transport."

"OMG block-chain will totally revolutionize money."

"OMG large language models will totally revolutionize how we communicate."

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It's endlessly fascinating (and frustrating) that tech people fall for every new tech hype. Every single time.

Aren't you nerds supposed to be really into science and super logical and inclined to critical thinking?

Very big on the idea that no knowledge is wasted and learning a variety of things is good.

When I have to work with GraphQL I like to pronounce "Apollo" like the Spanish word for "chicken" and refuse to acknowledge it when asked.

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